Type 1 Diabetes was the worst, yet, most beautiful thing that has ever happened to me.

Without it, I wouldn't have discovered all the magical experiences and realizations that have come to me because of this challenge.



Working with me allows you to discover the gift that diabetes has given you.

You will view your condition through different lenses by using the diabetes as fuel to transform your lifestyle through various techniques, meditations, and journaling exercises, which create new pathways in the mind and allow you to develop fresh, healthy habits.

Once we have established these techniques, we will create a unique dietary regime specific to your needs and lifestyle that will leave you feeling empowered, vibrant, and energy-rich.

By doing this work, you will understand the body-mind connection, how your thoughts are a direct reflection of your current reality, and how to view the diabetes as an opportunity for growth and healing rather than a curse for misery and despair.



To sign up, please contact me via phone: 831-566-0425

1.) Three Month Program

  • 6 sessions total via phone or Google Hangout (two 45-90 minute sessions, twice a month)
  • during each session I will provide action steps for you to follow in between our sessions that will heal and nurture your body and mind
  • provide diet suggestions, which will get you IMMEDIATE results
  • writing exercises that will prompt you to dig deep into your heart and allow you to discover who you truly are and what you want from life. 
  • access to private Facebook forum where you can ask unlimited questions and I will respond within 48 hours
  •  transformational videos, articles, and documents, which will be posted in the Facebook forum that will support you throughout the sessions to keep you inspired and motivated

2.) One Individual Power Session

  • 60-90 minutes of health and wellness coaching addressing whatever your concerns may be (takes place via phone or Googel Hangout)


To Sign Up, Please Contact Me Via Phone: 831-566-0425

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