Reaping The Benefits Of What Most Of Us Already Have, But Ya Just Don't Know It!

So often we are bombarded with messages to buy this or that and then you will feel x, y or z… But, honestly who has the time for that, let alone the money. If you’re anything like me then you obviously know what I am talking about. We are constantly searching for ways to fulfill our needs, comforts, and pleasures. In a world which places so many demands, pressures, and responsibilities it is only natural for us to seek pleasure any chance we get. But, after much searching and purchasing I was still left with the need for more. Something was still missing. As I slowly began my journey of attempting to learn more about myself and who my truest, soul self actually was I was beginning to find all of those things I had been searching for. With the discovery of Kundalini Yoga and the unexpected turn of events with a sudden health challenge I was divinely guided to the healing studies of holistic nutrition. And without getting too much more into details about that (I will save that for another blog) I would love to share with you the two most simple things that I found that have greatly impacted my overall happiness factor on a day-to-day basis. Without any further a due…

-over-sized firm pillow or a restorative bolster used in yoga

Anytime I feel the need to unwind, relax, and/or rejuvenate I frolic to my pillow! Literally I frolic. Five minutes on this thang and I’m back in action willing to handle whatever needs to be done (when just 5 minutes before I was over it and ready to call into work sick ha ha). Kid you not- don’t underestimate this simple prop that many of us already own and probably didn’t even realize it

-water bottle filled with hot water

This little trick I learned from Joshua Rosenthals, owner of The Institute of Integrative Nutrition, which is the school I’m attending. Any who, every night before bed simply turn your sink on, allow the water to get hot and then fill the bottle up. Take it to bed with you and rest it on your belly, chest, or any other place you desire (the possibilities are endless he he) and you will instantly feel the magic! When I first read about this I was skeptical thinking it wouldn’t stay warm for very long or it would be awkward having a water bottle pressed against me. But, from the very first night I tried this basic self-pampering technique I was hooked and haven’t missed a night since. (Obviously it’s that good since I’m taking the time to blog about it!)

Benefits: helps with muscle tension, arthritis, menstrual cramps, and soothes restlessness which allows for instant deep relaxation