"Thank You so much for your video and thank you for making it so understandable. Thank you So much !!!" -Ian


"Dear Brittney, I so appreciated your help when you spoke with me on the phone, and am very glad to have found your story here.  You are such an inspiration to others.  Many people ARE looking for the answer to their health issues, and as more people seek, they will find those answers.  Fortunately, there are real people going through this and speaking about it.  Type 1 is typically thought to be not curable, and even if you must have a strict diet, I believe that treatment (the natural ph diet and raw vegan foods) and cure can be synonymous.  I love that you are finding what is working for you and that you are educating others.  Best of luck in your holistic learning, and please continue to share your experiences, especially if your c-peptide improves!  You are the light!  Lotsa love!" -Jennifer Caruso


"I had come across the alkaline diet on the internet one day and decided to buy a book on the subject. I spent a while reading it over and over trying to put the mass of information to practical use. In the end I got quite confused about it all and was very anxious about starting. Then, I came across a video on YouTube posted by a type 1 diabetic, Brittney Herrera, who was sharing her own experience about that very diet. I was soon directed to her website and got in touch, and I couldn't believe how I fortunate I had been. I immediately began alkaline diet coaching with her. She was brilliant to work with because she brought with her her own experiences. Whenever I had a question Brittney responded very quickly with great insight, passion and intelligence. She clearly loves what she does and loves helping to heal people. Whenever I was feeling unsure about something she was always there to reassure me. What I also liked was that Brittney tailors the  coaching to suit you. You can go at the pace which feels best for you so that it always remains a pleasurable experience. As I began my new diet/lifestyle I was amazed to see how my blood sugars stabilized. Over a few days my insulin intake was down to just 6 units a day as opposed to the 40 units I was previously taking! In fact I almost forgot to notice that i was no longer getting any migraines at all and that my knees were much stronger. I felt like I was back to my younger, stronger self again. I would certainly never be going back to a diet of processed, highly acidic foods again! I will now continue to experiment with my diet myself and build upon the great many things I learned from Brittney. I honestly couldn't have worked with a better person!" - Tom Horton


"What an enjoyable evening we shared! I tend to describe myself as "allergic to yoga", but kundalini was a new and worthy experience for me. And Brittney, I was moved to tears as you read Rumi at the close of  our class -- thank you so much for that release." -Anonymous Student